Days 1&2

Results here:-

Two days of consistently good flying by the GB boys with all of the team in goal both days and Rich (goal twice ) and Steve (G day 1; 1km short Day2)  flying bloody well too. Italy however are the absolute bomb. (and currently leading on Team and individual).

Already the days are blurring into each other and the drives… man the drives are long. The ‘sticks’ of Brasilia are RED DUST and the car, my feet, skin, clothes , gliders … are covered in it. And its sticky! You can wash 3 times but its still there!

Yesterday goal was not actually that far from launch but today the pilots landed at the Esplanade in DT Brasilia … an incredible location with the entire city watching. A great atmosphere (and less dust).. Nick Chitty spent the afternoon of Day 1 sorting the car tyre dramas … but got to see the masses descend (literally on the esplanade this afternoon).

Brasilia is hot, dusty, and quite quite amazing.



Author: jenniferbuck2014

Mummy of Thomas Army Officer/Meet Director Hang glider pilot with 28 years experience PG pilot with 14 years experience Team Leader for Team GB at Brasilia 2017

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