Day Four Task Four..

Another day another dollar; hang on, that’s not true.. we are still in Brasilia and this is supposed to be fun šŸ˜Š!

After a dissapointing day 3, the team turned straight towards day 4 with an impressively positive attitude. 

Traffic delays on the road out of Town caught out at least half the teams with everyone arriving a tad .. late. Ollie got dressed in a rush and only managed one sock…

Big discussions at the TL meeting and Task brief regarding Gerds landing on the lawn of the Presidential Palace and subsequent suspension from flying right/wrong-ness distracted somewhat from the task in hand. 

However.. good task set back to the esplanade and With the fantastic result of all the selected Team in goal! Sadly, The gods of flying didn’t smile on Steve or Rich today . 

Nick and I, however got to sit in a traffic jam for 40 minutes adding to the 1:30 drive back to town meaning we missed G Riggs triumphant landing..( but made it for Grants minutes later). 

After trying the -howmanypilotsandharnessesyoucanfitinthehotwlliftgame; Dinner with the Aussie contingent topped the day off nicely šŸ˜‰ 


Author: jenniferbuck2014

Mummy of Thomas Army Officer/Meet Director Hang glider pilot with 28 years experience PG pilot with 14 years experience Team Leader for Team GB at Brasilia 2017

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