The End is nigh. 


A brilliant final day with Team GB all in goal and Grant 2nd for the day. 

The new World Champion Petr (Czech ) celebrated well ( and hard!) and along with the Team Champions Italy flew a brilliant comp. 5 times world champions, they are a force to be reckoned with. 

Closing Ceremony this morning with the usual cheers but tinged with the sadness that always comes with Hang Gliding competitions as we say ‘Goodbye until the next time’ to our friends. 

We didn’t end up where we wanted to be but I know how damn hard our boys flew every day. 

So our thanks…. 

To the British Hang Gliding Association and Competitions Panel for funding and support.

To the organisers in Brasilia; FAI, Chico, Luchas, Cid (MD) and the very brilliant Nani for putting on such a great comp and all their help. 

To you guys ( our families) at home for all the FB support and love. 

To Nick; Team Driver and massive support. 

From me? Hats off and on bended knee;  please accept my thanks and awe to the pilots and Team Leaders at the 2017 World Hang Gliding Championships. 

You make something hard look so damn easy. 

Team GB.. I’m proud. 


Author: jenniferbuck2014

Mummy of Thomas Army Officer/Meet Director Hang glider pilot with 28 years experience PG pilot with 14 years experience Team Leader for Team GB at Brasilia 2017

4 thoughts on “The End is nigh. ”

  1. You’ve done a great job Jenny, and so have the team. As you say its always hard to say goodbye att the end, but maybe it should be au revoir. Or until we meet again, as we know we will. WELL DONE ALL. SAFE TRIP BACK. Angela Coad xxx


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