Team GB

Off we go … 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧


Goal practice and Team GB all in Brasilia

Roof racks all beautiful. Rich Andy grant flew, with Andy and Grant in the phenomenal goal field on the esplanade. 

Nick, Gordon, Dave and Ollie all arrived safe and sound with no glider damage.. 

A Good Start and a cold beer 😊

First flights and near calamity at Gatwick.. 

Grant, Malcolm and Andy had a good first flight… the pics don’t do the site justice… Brasilia is just… massive.. pic of take off is Jonny D.. and Grant made a whole bunch of buddies in the landing field.. 😂

Rich was poorly; but getting better. 

The guys at Gatwick had to persuade the airline that having paid the additional 300 quid each to transport the gliders to Brasilia.. it’d be kinda nice if the airline held up their end of the bargain… end result? Gliders on board. Pilots stressed but happy. 

It’s all good guys..😘

Final days of prep…  

3 sleeps to go

British HG shirtflat3
I had forgotten how crazy it is to upkeep the blogtastic side of things.....lets see how this goes...
Team Pilots (Gordon/Grant/Malcolm/Ollie/Dave/Andy) prepping gliders.. Steve B and Rich L (our GB additional pilots) already on their way.. Team GB guys doing last minute glider/customs/booking veggie meals for the flight kinda prep. 
TL (me) and TD (Nick Chitty) sorting maps/satnavs/phones/guitars.. you name it.. we're checking it..